Once upon a time two siblings found themselves jobless during lockdown, spending much time at home, drinking copious amounts of m*lky tea and coffee. Both big drinkers of plant-based m*lks, neither were happy with any.

They started talking about oat, rice, coconut, and all the other plant-based m*lks they had tried but not fallen in love with. Brother asked: why does no-one blend them? Sister replied: perhaps it doesn’t work?

Out of curiosity they started blending ingredients in their own kitchen. Some blends, they found, were disgusting. Some had traces of brilliance. And so they teamed up with a food scientist, in a proper lab, and kept experimenting.

Until one day, after many, many tasting rounds, they came up with two blends that were better than any m*lk out there. Each one unique and perfect-in-its-own-way. Lilk was born!


We wanted to do our bit for the planet and create m*lks so delicious, drinking them wouldn’t feel like a compromise. Lilk brings joy to dairy lovers and plant-drink disciples alike.

You’ll notice that our bottle looks a little different. Using SIG’s Combidome technology, it is fully recyclable and made from FSC-certified paperboard. Its clever design saves space, prevents leaks and allows you to pour every drop. Our production processes are also super efficient.