The brains behind the blends

The brains behind the blends 

from the left image shows Emily, Bastien and Charlotte laughing

Hi, we’re Bastien, Emily and Charlotte – three imperfect vegans on a mission to make the best tasting m*lk out there. 

Since single-ingredient m*lks weren’t hitting the spot, Bastien started experimenting in his kitchen by blending grains and seeds together. Thousands of combinations (and a few catastrophes) later, Lilk was born. 

Lilk was founded on the belief that plant-based alternatives shouldn’t come second to taste. By blending ingredients, we create m*lks that are richer, balanced and more delicious than anything else on the market – vegan or dairy. 

From our small studio in east London, we’re building a future where people choose the planet without sacrificing their palate. 

We’re starting with m*lk, but that’s just the beginning.