We’re on a mission to prove to the world that taste doesn’t have to come second to sustainability. Our food system is imperfect, and so are we, but together we can make progress.

So we put ourselves up to the test, and had My Emissions, an independent firm, to calculate and reduce its carbon footprint across its operations including the food chain, processing, packaging, and delivery process. We were awarded the best possible rating of A!

Making a 1L bottle of Lilk produces just 0.32 KG CO2e - that’s nearly five times less than cow’s milk. Swapping your daily Latte (say, a medium Latte from Starbucks) from Cow’s Milk to Lilk would save a mind-boggling 138KG CO2e a year.

That’s equivalent to 16 return Eurostar train trips from Paris to London* or a return flight from London to Paris!

Although we’re proud of this grading, we realise it’s the least we can do and we will continue to improve the process of bringing you the dreamiest plant m*lks out there.


My Emissions works closely with leading academics in the field of food research to validate and expand their database, and has also been audited by external consultants to ensure they are following best practices. All My Emissions calculations align with the GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard.

The CO2e usage comparisons to methods of transport expressed above is utilizing Eurostars' own publshed Emissions analysis. More detail can be found at www.eurostar.com/rw-en/carbon-footprint.